About California Wines By Rose

Like all good Ideas, California wines by Rose was conceptualized out of great love; a great love and desire of sharing a passion and taste of North America’s wines with Kenya.

California wines by Rose has partnered with well-known wineries and family-owned winemakers in the State of California, Washington, and Oregon, to exclusively import, distribute, and sell their wines in the East and Central African region, with a focus on Kenya – the native home of Rose Musyoka, the founder of California Wines by Rose.

Meet Rose – Founder, Director And Owner

I’m not a wine sommelier. I just know and enjoy a good glass of wine. And I love it even more if it’s from California or Washington State. Although I’ve had no involvement or training in the wine industry other than as a consumer, you may call me a wine enthusiast. During the time that I’ve been enjoying wine, I’ve learned a thing or two about wine, among them, that wine is about relationships and sharing.

Why California Wine

The United States of America (USA) as a country ranks 4th worldwide in terms of wine production; thanks to the substantial quantities produced in the Golden State of California and other smaller wine-grape growing states.