How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

Who doesn’t love a party? Need an excuse to throw a party with your friends and family? Well, we’ve got the perfect excuse for you to gather your friends and family and delight in a wine tasting party. Whether you’re serving wine aperitifs or hors d’oeuvres, this is new and classy way to entice your guests palate to experience and learn about new wine. Plus it’s the perfect opportunity to show off those wine tasting lessons you’ve been learning! Here are some tips to get you started on hosting your wine tasting party.

1. Choose a Theme

A theme is very crucial in hosting a wine tasting party and you need to decide which wine regions will you concentrate on. For instance, you can decide to focus on regions that produce world class wines such Napa Valley, California. Let your guests experience a world of wine and explore regions that you like such as South of France wine or Australian wine. Secondly, you could also decide to sample wine a grape variety such as Riesling or Chardonnay from one producer or various wine producers around the world. Choose a theme that your friends will enjoy, you can even decide to focus on women wineries, African wineries.

2. Get Good Food

Most people appreciate good food at a party and you wouldn’t want to serve alcohol to your guests on an empty stomach. Therefore, make sure hors d’oeuvres are available for your guests to have bitings as they do the wine tasting, and it can be used  to cleanse their palate. You can also have a platter with an array of crackers, classic cheese, fruits, nuts, jam, cured meats. You may host the wine tasting party during dinner and that’s totally alright, just make sure the wine pairs with the food you’re serving. Get food that you guests will love and ensure there’s plenty to go round, nobody likes a stingy host.

3. Invite Your Guests

The number of guests to invite to your wine tasting is ideally 6 to 12 people whom you can have an intimate interaction with as you discuss wine. Invite guests who have a similar interest and knowledge of wine, you wouldn’t want to invite people who will be ‘know it alls’ and try to educate the entire group or people who have less knowledge and will repeatedly ask questions. Find a balance that all your guests will enjoy and you can send out invite old school method in a card or simply just do an e-invite. Make sure you have enough space to host your guests and suggest transportation for them, Uber and Taxify and even Little Cabs for them.

4. Stock Up
14 Hands Cabernet SauvignonStock Up on American wine by the case

Make sure you have enough wine supply for your wine tasting party, a bottle of wine can serve about 5-6 glasses. You can serve wines from different price range depending on your budget and the type of guests you have. A good idea is to head down to your wine store and ask them about what type and wine they recommend you serve at your wine tasting and ensure they have plenty in stock. Items that you want to consider as you prepare and plan your wine tasting party include: glassware, corkscrew, ice buckets, paper napkins. Shop California Wines by Rose that’s perfect to get your start with a combination of wine varieties and stock for your wine party. The shop assistants can assist you with food pairing and even accessories such as corkscrews.

5. Enjoy Yourself

The art of hosting a party is having fun with your guests and totally owning the moment! Plan activities that are fun (trivia games, wine questions based on your theme) and have giveaways for your guests. Consider investing in a bottle of vintage or unique wine to give away. Also, don’t send your guests home empty handed, you can gift each of them a box of chocolates or what you find fitting! Have lots of fun, take photos and the next time you meet they’ll be sure to say, ‘remember that wine party you threw, it was awesome!’

Hosting a wine tasting party is a simple way to introduce your friends to wine that you appreciate from a particular region or place or winery. It can also be used to let your fans know what kind of wines you delight in. Check out our wines to start planning your wine party, our friendly team will be glad to assist you to throw a lit party!

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