How to be a Wine Snob

How to be a Wine Snob

It’s one thing to enjoy the occasional glass of wine as a wine enthusiast. But another to confidently swirl, smell your glass expertly and muse on the fruity tasting notes of a wine,as you confidently mention during gathering,‘I most prefer the Merlot from the region Napa or Sonoma county .

The next time your with a group of friends don’t lag in the conversation, here are 4 steps to be a wine snob that will go a long way to make you an expert.

Before we get started here are a few wine terms that you should familiarize yourself with.

  • Varietal: This refers to  the type or variety of grape; Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, etch are names of specific grape types.
  • Vintage:  It’s the year the grapes were grown, not the year the wine was released. Young vintages are more recent years; old vintages less recent.
  • Nose: This refers to the way the wine smells when you put your nose to the glass, a key component of the overall drinking experience.
  • Palate: This refers to the tastes you experience as you drink the wine (think about this as we discuss the tasting terms below).
  • Mouth Feel: This refers to the way the wine feels in your mouth.


Here’s how you can perfect the art of wine snobbery

Step One: Know your region
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To define your wine, you must find a region that you love, you can go with American, French or Italian renowned regions. Find a wine from a particular region you enjoy, the region is important because it not only lets you know about the history of the wine but it plays a big role in affecting how grapes grow, quality of the wine produced. This is also important part of being a wine snob is to dropping keywords of the region the wine was produced and having fun ‘educating’ your fans on the region as you drink the wine.

Step Two: Master Ordering and Buying Wine
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When you’re at a restaurant and want to order wine here are the three things that you should mention: vintage, variety and region. Please refrain from saying, “I’d like a red sweet or white,” leave that to inexperienced people, you are  a wine snob now. Instead this is what you should simply say when the waiter comes to your table, “I’d like to order a bottle of the 2007 California Chardonnay, please.” A good restaurant will have the wine menu featuring the wine from region and date. When buying wine as a wine snob, refrain from buying wine in a box, instead invest in a bottle of great quality wine. You have no excuse to be drinking wine in a box at this stage, make an investment and you can start with visiting California Wines Store for a quality bottle of Wine.

Step Three: Buy the Correct Glassware
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If you’re going to be a wine snob invest in the correct glasses at home this does affect the aromas. Red wine is served in a wide glass as it benefits from the oxygen and a wide glass does the trick. White wine goes well in a tall and narrow glass as it doesn’t need oxygen a lot compared to reds. If you want to go the extra mile, buy stemware from renowned glassware Riedel who have perfected the art of drinking wine in a glass. Does it matter you may ask? Yes, it does make a difference in which shape you serve you wine. If you can’t get Riedel glassware, don’t sweat it, instead use a glass that compliments your personal style.

Step Four: Know Where to Buy reasonably Priced Wine
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Find a store where you can  buy reasonably wine that fits your budget. The Kenyan wine market is growing and there are plenty of wines that are exported. Find a store that will guide you through the process is buying a good value wine. Kenyan wine culture is becoming better but the reality is that a huge percentage can’t differentiate between a 1000 Kes Wine and a 8,000Kes wine. That’s why it’s important to search for a wine store that is artisanal and will guide you correctly and make recommendations based on what you like. Buying wine with stores that want to build a long-term relationship in helping you enjoy quality wine. You can check  out California Wines Kenya to guide you through the process of buying wine.

Drinking wine is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, as a wine snob don’t take yourself too seriously. These key bits of information should roll out of your tongue effortlessly, therefore make sure you know about your favorite bottle and can differentiate the different regions. If there’s anything at all I want you to know if your a newbie when it comes to wine is any wine coming out of a box is no-no.

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