How to Start a Wine Collection

How to Start a Wine Collection

There are no restrictions to starting a wine collection, and it’s appealing especially if you’re passionate about wine. It’s an investment worthy of your time for both the young and old, even if your 20s or 40s it’s a do-able plan. First off, you need to know your motive for starting a wine collection, is it to enjoy drinking mature wines? Or is it because you intend to build your own wine cellar in the future? If you’re planning to start a wine collection to be drinking with friends and family every often, then perhaps you can invest in a range of wines for your guests. If you intend of starting a wine collection for building a wine room, then you will need to invest wisely on premium wines and seek professional methods on storing your wine.

You will need to:

Invest in a quality storage

To store your wine you will need a safe vault, where it will not spoil. For short time investments you can start off with a wine refrigerator that you can keep in your home that can store up to 50 or 100 bottles. If you’re making a big investment for future, then you can build a wine cellar in your home, get a professional to come and measure and plan the room with you.

Get quality glasses

 Starting a wine collection will mean that you invest in a good wine glass. Choose a glass that you can serve at least most of your wines. The bowl of a wine glass should be tapered upward and have a slightly narrow opening at the top than the bottom. A good glass is a good investment in starting your wine collection because the bowl of a glass allows for the aromas in the wine to open up. Most wines are served in a bowl glass, champagne is served in a flute glass.

Start Small and Grow your Wine Collection

Start small with your wine collection and include wine that you like. Where it fits your budget start growing your wine collection there, and invest in wine you enjoy. If you’re going to invest in premium classic wines at an auction, make sure you get your documentation saved. Prior to investing on vintage valuable wines, do understand the market value and get your wines appraised.

Don’t over handle your wine

You may be eager to show off your wine collection to friends, but it’s wise if you don’t over handle your wine. Shift it once in a while and to avoid the wine from spoiling, keep it away from direct sunlight. If you’ve invested in a vintage wine, let it rest before pouring a glass. Even better, you can put in in a decanter to allow it to “breath” before serving. You need to remember that wine is very delicate, major tampering can affect the taste and aromas.

Starting a wine collection is a fun activity and you don’t have to break the bank. Make sure you follow your budget, and invest in wines that you can afford. It’s wise to invest in a wine cooler or install a cellar in the long run. Choose wine that you enjoy drinking, that’s the main goal, and invest in wines that are unique or rare as well.

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