Sweet Wines: Red sweet & White sweet (Low-Alcohol wines)

Looking for sweet wines? We have natural semi-sweet red wine and sweet whites – these sweet wines are natural, authentic with no added sugars.  They’re also low in alcohol content ranging from 10%ABV – 12.5%ABV (Alcohol By Volume) thus ideal if you’re looking to cut back on alcohol consumption without compromising on the quality and taste. You will be sure of what you’re drinking! Do you struggle to find classy, natural sweet wines that don’t have added sugars? do you often wonder about what is in the glass of sweet wine that you’re drinking? worry no more for we have the best sweet wines that are naturally made with real grapes, and much classier than what you currently get in your regular places in Kenya. Sorry our wines don’t come in a box, they’re packaged in bottles.

You can now drink a sweet wine with confidence knowing what the grape the wine is made from because it’s written on all our sweet wines bottles.

To make a sweet wine, the fermentation of the sweet grapes is stopped before the yeast converts all grape sugars into alcohol. The result is a rich wine sweetened with natural grape sugars. No added sugars!

Sweet wines best pair with desserts or can be taken as dessert itself. The following sweet wines are a must try!  Buy now and get them delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Kenya.